10 TikTok Hot Girls in 2020. No. 1 will amaze you.

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TikTok is gaining huge popularity in India. Millions of people are using TikTok in India. There are many people who are showing their talent. People are getting famous because of TikTok. There are Millions of hot girls on TikTok you can follow. So today I made a top 10 list of hot girls on TikTok. Whose videos are so hot that you can't resist.

10. Pooja Chauhan Hot TikTok Girl

Pooja Chauhan is one of the new hot girls on TikTok. She makes hot dance videos on TikTok. She is very cute looking. She is also a YouTuber. She makes dance and product reviews on youtube. She has 332 K followers on TikTok. She is a very hot personality. She has a perfect slim body type. Her facial expressions are also too good.

9.Khushiikarkii Hot girl

Khushi Karki is very new to TikTok. But She is getting very famous day by day. She makes dance videos on TikTok. She is a very hot girl on TikTok. Her body type is slim. She is a very beautiful girl. She wears shorts and other modern dresses in her videos. She is a very hot personality.

8. Aayushi Tyagi

Aayushi Tyagi looks very hot in her videos. She usually wears saree in her videos. If you like saree girls than you must like Aayushi Tyagi. She is a slim body girl. She is quite popular in TikTok. She has 655 K followers on TikTok. She is a gift for saree lover guy.

7. Ronita Chakroborty

She is a Bengali girl. As you know Bengali girls are too beautiful. She is a teenager. But she is a fast runner on TikTok. She is the only girl who gained so much popularity in such a small time. She wears glasses in which she looks very cute. She makes hot dance videos on TikTok.

6. Alishya Official

If you like girls in suit salwar, then you'll also like Alishya. She is a Haryanvi girl. She lives in Gurugram. She is a very good dancer. Her video on the song Bhabhi Tu Patola Kati Bam Ka Ri Gola S got viral. In this video, she was dancing very hot. She is a very cute girl on Instagram as well.

5.Babita Chapagain

If you like a girl in Suit and Indian dress, then you'll also like Babita Chapagin. She has a perfect slim body. Her figure is too hot. She looks like an angel in her videos. Her face is too cute. She is quite new to TikTok. But I know she will be a famous star in a very few time.

4. Star Vinni

She is one of the hot girls on TikTok. She wears Indian dresses in her TikTok videos. Her dance videos can make everyone crazy. She has a hot figure. She has 300K followers on TikTok. She is from Kolkata. And her dream is to reach 1M follower.

3. Elakkiya

She is one of the hottest girls on TikTok. She has a pretty face. She is a Tamil girl. She shows her sexy body in her videos. She dances very hotly. Her several videos are viral.

2. Jass Bhalse

She is a Mumbai girl. She has a very hot figure. She wears a backless blouse and saree in her videos. Her videos are so hot that no one can resist. She dances very hotly.

1. Neha Milan

Neha Milan is a very hot teenager. She is famous as a hot baby. She has a slim body. Her videos are so hot and sexy. She is getting very popular in a very small time. She has a huge fan following on TikTok.


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